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Itching for copy help like ... yesterday?

If you're feeling in a pinch ... and like you don't need all the bells & whistles that come with full, custom work ... that's where power-hour calls with moi come in hot.



*don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it*

Need to pick my brain?

⬆️ Weirdest phrase of all time. ⬆️

BUT, essentially, that's exactly what this is.

And when you book a Strategy Call, I'll bring my A-game and

Blackwing pencil to the table for 1-on-1 time with y-o-u.

Because copy—done right, done well—isn't cheap.

And TBH, it shouldn't be.

We aim for industry standard pricing ‘round these parts—think $5k for a sales page, $1.5k for a page of website copy—and try to beat 'em.

Our prices are *smidge* higher than what you’ll find on Upwork … kinda like your standards for custom work. ;)

But, we’re also for wise stewardship.

Which may mean this may be precisely what you need right now.

Bring in your local, backpocket copywriting fairy godmother & let's get you copy that covers every penny of your investment.

'I'll hop on a call with you for some buffing, polishing, and "zusching" <<< does anyone ACTUALLY know how to spell that?

A Strategy Call is perfect if ...

✅ You’re getting a new offer off the ground (or an old one optimized), and want to invest SMART

✅ You're not too shabby as a writer, but need to loosen up & make your web copy, email funnel, or sales page sparkle ... AND sell like the snack you are

✅ You've polished a sales page to the point your eyeballs MAY fall out—it's time for a pro to take a looky-loo so your Stripe account sings upon launch

You've got a launch coming up & need the equivalent of a Home Edit makeover to sort/organize your email funnel, hooks, main points, messages, and ideas

✅ You've changed your brand voice so often it's got you paralyzed: after tackling the leg work, you THINK you have it nailed but are second-guessing it ... and too over-loaded to even know anymore

✅ It's time for a website audit: pop the hood, take a look, and offer advice on some re-wording or tweaking

✅ You need a by-the-hour clean up/deep dive of anything you've snagged from The Copy Bar template shop or Copywriting for Creatives

Like an on-demand copy doctor,

I regularly hop on calls to

audit, review, & speed write.

This is the service for you if you're on the prowl for:

✏️ Done-with-you copy that doesn't break the bank

✏️ A review of a current funnel, landing page, or sales page

✏️ By-the-hour launch consulting

✏️ A clean up/deep dive of anything you've snagged from The Copy Bar template shop or Copywriting for Creatives

It's time to get clear, consistent, and calibrated.

With a Strategy Call, you get one entire hour of

intensive content tailored for your immediate needs.

Borrow my brain while I unload all I've learned in

a decade of marketing & copywriting.

Here's What You Get

60-minute Strategy Call

Popular topics include copy audits (let's share screens and edit away!), course launches, business planning & launching, public relations and pitching, and productivity. We'll deep dive into your business virtually and peek under the hood. During your application, you'll be able to give me details on what you want to discuss during our time together.


• First come, first served availability

• Questionnaire prior to the call

• 1-pager note-taking doc 48-hours out

Call Recording Download

Each session is recorded, and after our conversation, you'll get an MP4 file of our conversation for your records.


• Delivery within 24 hours of call

• Ability to download—the file is yours, we won't request to house it on our drives

Wrap-Up PDF Tearsheet

Finally, you'll get a one-page PDF of key points we discussed, including any copywriting formulas or resources I recommended during our conversation. Access to my personal contacts database and resources included.


• Ashlyn's notes typed up for you

• A punch list of next steps to get started

• Resources for future support

Because I get it.

All that's in a full-service, custom project (cha-ching!) mayyyy be a bit much for now.

That's why we offer strategic consulting & auditing—our most nimble, ready-to-roll offer.

So, here's how this situation works:

Think this is for you? Hit the "Apply" button—we can also recommend a template from The Copy Bar Shop to get you started on a certain page, ad campaign, email funnel, or piece of copy that will get you souped up enough to be dangerous.

^^^ Bring THAT work to the call, and I'll more accomplished in less time. I promise.

Complete a questionnaire prior to brain dump me your thoughts, and make sure it's in my hands 48 hours before we chat. Then, on our call day, prepare to show up & skip the small talk (I hope that's ok)—I want to max out the time you paid for. We'll hit the ground HARD since I've ramped up on your questionnaire before our call.

I might knock out the entire page, I might knock out a chunk. No honest copywriter can tell you 1 hour is enough to draft like, an entire sales page. What I can promise is a list of possibilities, hooks, must-click headlines, fun angles, and ready-to test ideas.

At our time of log-off, I'll ask you my go-to question: Did you get at LEAST one idea you can turn around and make—at a minimum—$750 with. Afterward, I'll send over the recording & tear-sheet of ideas, and you're off to the races.

We're the experts behind experts like you—

meet the AW clients and customers.

Brand Photographer Hits 250% Over

Launch Goal with AW Calls + Templates

"The templates were such a godsend. The part I dread most of any launch is writing sales copy, and having Ashlyn's proven collection of emails PLUS her sales page template to use as my guides made the process easier to tackle than I could have dreamed. I’m wildly more confident about my product, and as a result, better equipped to sell it to my audience thanks to Strategy Calls with her." Read more ...

70% Increase in Launch Sales Goal

for Horizon Found with Ashlyn Writes

"Thank you always for being the queens of Slaytown. Loved going through and reading everything from your genius minds," Dustin & Nicole said. Their launch clocked in at 170 sales for solid conversion rate of 7% on the entire funnel (industry standard can be anywhere from 2-5%)—giving them about $169,000 in sales. Read more ...

How Betty Lu Paperie Converted Leads Faster After Working with Team AW

"Each year, I like to make one *big picture* investment–and this year, AW was on the list. In a nutshell, everything is so clear to me now. After installing my brand new copy, my website now feels so much more personable—bonus points that it's so much easier for readers to take action too, as it leads them along the way from my mission to my products & services to the checkout." Read more .


The Branding Shoot Method Rings in Evergreen Sales with AW Strategy Sesh

"I’m still completely mind-blown about the copy you did for me. Seriously cannot wait to get this all up. I already feel so much clearer!" Ashlyn tackled a 4,588-word sales page and some abbreviated launch consulting for Sandra’s signature course. Since deploying her updated sales page, Sandra has created an engine that can bring in (and close!) leads to get that Sandra Chau style … without the 1-on-1 price tag that comes with full-blown custom copywriting services.  Read more ...

So, let's talk money.

What's the investment?

How much does it cost to book time with me?

$750 for 1 hour of strategic consulting

Book one, book two, book three ... spread them out over your launch or bunch 'em all together.

It's your call, you're the boss.

Like I said above: my standard is that you SHOULD be able to turn around with

AT LEAST ONE idea you can make $750 (or more) with post-call.

If I've not, I haven't done my job.

I aim for flawless with this standard.

But in reality I only achieve it pretty much every time. ;)

And look: This price is essentially to cover the costs of my time spent away from MY business.

TBH, I have no IDEA how long I can make this available. Maybe months ... Maybe weeks ...

I don't know—because when time costs get too high I'll have to make to keep these up (because I love them)

or pull them down, because my time is better spent elsewhere.

So yes. No tricks & smoke-and-mirrors: this is a REAL limited-time offer.

Ready to put a megaphone up to your offers & get started?

What They're Saying

"I so enjoyed our call, you are just the best at what you do. No one else comes close."

Oh my goodness thank you SO much! This is pure dynamite! I can't wait to get started on my home page now, every sentence here is gold dust. I've ordered a webcam for next time because there will totally be a next time. You get my brand voice way better than I do!

-Lauren Bennett, photographer, preset suite creator & AW strategy call client

"I've spent thousands of dollars on ads that I'm like, 'I wish I'd just spent that money on Ashlyn.'"

I trust you because you're a word scientist. You're always looking into the psychology of the sale. Here's the thing: you already have sold me on stuff. I've spent thousands of dollars because of you, because of the copy that you've written. If you can do that for me, if you've sold me on others' stuff, you can sell my stuff, too.

-Emma Natter, educator & AW launch copy client

"Ashlyn writes copy that freaking sparkles, yes, we know, we know... but what you may NOT know is that every word she writes is backed up by data, strategy, research, and years of expertise. She knows what converts, what delights, what sells, and I've seen her craft copy that does all of the above over and over again."

"Stay with me on the cocktail analogy here, but Ashlyn's copy is like a French 75... it bubbles with personality, it's refreshing, it's delicious, but it's there's real depth, too—strategy, finesse, expertise, and the kind of words that don't just sound pretty—they sell."

-Jen & Jeff, TONIC Site Shop

If you need something between done-for-you services

& our on-demand template download options,

a Strategy Call just may fit the bill.

And? Book with a template

to max-out your time.

These Strategy Calls work BEST coupled with AW Signature Templates from The Copy Bar template shop, which we use to train our copywriters & start as a basis for custom work.


🖥 The Sweet 16 Sales Page Primer + Template for $297

🖥 The Perfect Email Welcome Sequence Template for $197

🖥 The Sales & Launch Email Sequence of 12 launch funnel email templates for $97

You take a first stab, I'll clean it up with you during a live strategy sesh (over La Croixes, of course).

I can't always fit these in as a working mama—but right now, I can.

Apply for Your Strategy Call Today!

• 60-minute Strategy Call, just you & Ashlyn

• Skip-the-line, first come, first served availability

• Call recording download within 24 hours

• Ramp-me-up questionnaire prior to the call

• 1-pager note-taking doc 48-hours out

• Ashlyn's personal notes in a wrap-up PDF tearsheet

Still have questions? I got your back, homeslice.

Enter the FAQ Attack:

How long before my launch do I need to book a call with you?

Weeeeellll, clients who book in advance end up being more prepared than “I needed this yesterday” last-minute types (you know the ones). The best results happen when we can get in front of pre-launch together, but try me. ;) Need something on-demand? Check out The Copy Bar for to-go templates and education.

My launch is a [insert crazy-town idea here] type.

Do you do that?

If you can dream it, I can map it out: we’ve crafted things like webinar funnels, PLF-style funnels, challenge funnels, 52-week nurture sequences, course onboarding sequences, welcome or nurture sequences, mini-sales funnels, re-engagement campaigns, client experience onboarding templates, and more.

What’s the turnaround time to work with you & your team?

This is why I like these calls—Strategy Calls are first come, first served based on my calendar. Expect 6 weeks on Brand Story & Website Copy services, 7 weeks on Launch Copy & Email Copy services. Great copy isn't microwaved, so this isn't a 1-week process: it takes time (mostly for research) ... and copious amounts of coffee).

How do I get a template for you to review my work?

Glad you asked, bc the best work comes if we tag-team it. Head to The Copy Bar, my template shop, snag a template (email my team if you're not sure what you need), and I'll edit it and rewrite chunks together on our call.

What kinds of things do you discuss on these calls?

Here's the shortlist I'll ask you to pick from: Existing Copy or Funnel Audit, Brainstorming New Copy, Email Marketing, Funnel, or Launch Strategy, Messaging & Website Copy Strategy, Overall Biz/Marketing Strategy. Or drink recipes. ;)

What if I hate it—and I've spent money on the call?

My standard? You SHOULD be able to turn around with AT LEAST ONE idea you can make $750 (or more) with post-call. If I've not, I've not done my job. We'll make good on that by making sure you have $750 worth of value with this exchange, my promise.

"The strategy calls were worth their weight in diamonds. I showed up with my materials prepped,

and Ashlyn juiced as much value out of those 60 minutes as was possible."

You made it all the way down here—whatcha waiting for?

Apply for Your Strategy Call Today!

• 60-minute Strategy Call, just you & Ashlyn

• Skip-the-line, first come, first served availability

• Call recording download within 24 hours

• Ramp-me-up questionnaire prior to the call

• 1-pager note-taking doc 48-hours out

• Ashlyn's personal notes in a wrap-up PDF tearsheet